1: Patrick J Adams, Gabriel Macht, Sarah Rafferty, and Gina Torres stun fans with a Golden Globes reunion in 2024.

2: The Suits stars light up the red carpet at the prestigious award show, reminiscing about their time on the hit series.

3: Patrick J Adams charms with his signature smile, while Gabriel Macht exudes leading man charisma on the carpet.

4: Sarah Rafferty dazzles in a stunning gown, turning heads and stealing the show alongside her former co-stars.

5: Gina Torres stuns in an elegant ensemble, proving that the Suits cast still has star power years after the show's end.

6: Fans rejoice as the beloved cast members share laughs and memories from their time working together on Suits.

7: The reunion at the 2024 Golden Globes sparks rumors of a potential on-screen reunion for the cast in the future.

8: Patrick, Gabriel, Sarah, and Gina's chemistry is as palpable as ever, leaving fans eager for more from the Suits crew.

9: As the night comes to a close, the Suits stars leave a lasting impression on viewers, showing that their bond is still going strong.