1: While Hurricane Beryl curved eastwards, it completely missed SA due to its unique path and weather conditions.

2: The storm's trajectory shifted away from South Africa, sparing the region from potential damage.

3: South Africa dodged a bullet as Hurricane Beryl veered away, keeping residents safe and unharmed.

4: Forecasters tracked the storm closely, ensuring that South Africa remained out of harm's way.

5: The unusual route of Hurricane Beryl led it to curve away from South Africa, protecting the area from any impact.

6: Residents breathed a sigh of relief as the storm bypassed South Africa, leaving no destruction in its wake.

7: South Africa was lucky as Hurricane Beryl took a sharp turn away from the region, avoiding any damage.

8: Emergency services were on standby, but South Africa was ultimately spared from the wrath of Hurricane Beryl.

9: The safety of South Africa was ensured as Hurricane Beryl's sudden curve prevented any disaster from occurring.