1: "Debunking common myths about gardening in Southeast Texas."

2: "Myth: You can't grow vegetables in Southeast Texas. Fact: With proper care, veggies thrive here."

3: "Myth: Watering plants every day is necessary. Fact: Overwatering can harm plant roots."

4: "Myth: Adding sand to clay soil improves drainage. Fact: It actually turns soil into concrete."

5: "Myth: Using chemical fertilizers is the only way. Fact: Organic alternatives yield healthier plants."

6: "Myth: Pruning plants in winter is harmful. Fact: It's essential for promoting new growth."

7: "Myth: Mulching suffocates plant roots. Fact: Mulch protects roots and retains moisture."

8: "Myth: Plants in pots don't need fertilizing. Fact: Container plants require regular feeding."

9: "Now that you know the truth, cultivate a successful garden in Southeast Texas!"