1: Explore thrift stores for hidden gems. Rare dimes and quarters could be hiding among the shelves.

2: Don't overlook garage sales. Scour through boxes and bins for valuable coins from the Bicentennial era.

3: Check your own pockets and piggy banks. A rare dime or Bicentennial quarter could be right under your nose.

4: Visit flea markets for unique finds. Vintage coins like these can fetch a pretty penny on the market.

5: Search through your family's heirlooms. You never know what treasures might be passed down through generations.

6: Look in your car console and glove compartment. A forgotten rare coin could be waiting to be discovered.

7: Ask friends and neighbors if they have any old coins lying around. You might stumble upon a valuable dime or quarter.

8: Join coin collecting forums and communities online. Members often share tips on where to find rare coins.

9: Consider hiring a professional coin appraiser. They can help you identify valuable dimes and quarters in your collection.